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All the latest news from Kendal and across the South Lakes. Check back regularly, or use the 'Search' box above left to search the archive.
65: Heather Knowles to start work as the new Cook at Kendal's Castle Inn


David and Lynne, probably best-known to their regulars at the Shakespeare Inn on Highgate, are now well-and-truly installed at the Castle Inn. Lynne is going to be keeping tabs on the Shakespeare, and David will be seen more often at the Castle, but between them, and with the invaluable assistance of their regular staff, they will be guiding the Castle Inn on the next leg of its voyage.

And starting on Tuesday January 31st. Heather Knowles takes over as the Cook at the Castle. There will be more information to follow, including some new photos and the new menu (also downloadable as a pdf), on the 'being refurbished-as-we-speak' Castle Inn website.

From next Tuesday, January 31st., food will be available at the following times in the Castle:

Tuesday to Saturday: 12.00 noon to 3.00pm.

Sunday: 12.00 noon to 5.00pm.

Please note that there is no food available on Mondays. Why not phone on 01539 729983 to reserve a table, or check out the website or the Castle Inn News blog for updates.

Please note that the Castle Inn also has a new contact e-mail address:

However, please do not rely e-mail for any urgent enquiries, as checking of the e-mail cannot be guaranteed at busy periods. If your enquiry needs a quick response, please telephone instead (number above).

64: 'Masons Yard 24' Opened Its Doors On Monday December 12th


As reported here only a couple of weeks ago, the erstwhile Mason's Arms on Stramongate, now named 'Masons Yard 24', re-opened on Monday December 12th, at 12.00 noon.

They have a new website which is in its infancy at present, but will soon have information about the beers that they will be stocking (at present, four real ales on handpump, plus two craft ales on keg) and the interesting food menu - plenty there for the steak enthusiast! I have already been in to get some photos, and Masons Yard 24 becomes the latest pub to be added to 'Pubs In Kendal'. I wish the owners and staff the very best in their new venture, and for many years to come.

63: Factory Tap Christmas Opening Times


See the image to the right for the Christmas opening times for the Factory Tap. Also, the new electrically-lit Pub Sign - a wonder of the modern age! More info from Ron or Les at the Tap, see you all there! Merry Christmas.

62: The Castle Inn is Serving Food Again


Good news from the Castle Inn. After the uncertainty of the last couple of months, since the departure of Christine and Geoff, some order and stability is returning. David and Lynne, from the Shakespeare, have taken over, and the latest development is the re-introduction of lunchtime food. Bookings are also being taken for Christmas lunches, so if you and your workmates are looking for a great place for a pre-Christmas social, why not pop into the Castle and pick up a Christmas menu.

There is an all-new menu now on offer from Lynne and David, and there are hopes that, as things calm down and the new licensees get settled in, the food side of things will be expanded. As David himself says:"Evolution, not revolution". Watch this space.

To make an enquiry, or to book your table, call the Castle Inn on 01539 729983, or e-mail Lynne and David via the Shakespeare Inn:

61: Mason's Arms To Re-open


Yet another Kendal pub comes back from the dead! The Mason's Arms on Stramongate, now named 'Masons Yard 24', is due to re-open on Monday December 12th, at 12.00 noon - just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

There is a new website, and there are currently vacancies being advertised on the site, for Chef's and Catering Assistant, and Bar and Food Service Staff. If you might be interested in finding out more about the jobs, send an e-mail to More to follow when I know more.

60: New Micro-Brewery in Dublin


Admittedly it's a little outside the region covered by this website, but it is very encouraging to know that the independent brewing of beers with flavour and style is alive and well in the Republic of Ireland. Guinness is not having everything its own way.

During a visit to Dublin last week, I was introduced to Christian Lorenz, an amateur brewing enthusiast living in Marino, just outside Dublin centre. Christian, and fellow beer enthusiast Paul Hennessey, had produced a brew which they had called 'Land Of Nod' (and, as anyone familiar with the game will know, there is beer in the land of nod, but no brewing). Brewed to Paul's specification (Timothy Taylor's Landlord in style, but with the use of New Zealand hops), researched by Christian to find the appropriate malts and hops, and then made in Christian's 'back shed', the beer was made specially for my visit - a big surprise, and a great privilege, so my grateful thanks to Paul for the idea, and to Christian for the turning of the idea into reality.

Christian uses a 30 litre capacity, New Zealand-made 'Grainfather' all-in-one brew kettle. This produces around 20 to 23 litres of the finished beer, which can then be bottled or barrelled according to the brewer's (or the consumer's) needs. Find out more about the system on the Grainfather website. The photos show Christian and the Grainfather (top left), a glass of 'Land of Nod' (top right), and the brew kettle itself at the bottom.

'Yes, but what's it like?" I can hear you all shout. Excellent, I reply. At 5.3% ABV (if my memory is to be trusted), it falls between a 'Best Bitter' and a traditional-style IPA. It is malty on the nose, and its first taste is malty (maple syrup/demerara sugar) but very bitter, followed by red fruits on the finish. It reminded me quite strongly of the Bowness Bay 'Tern IPA'. And the other comment that I would make is that it tasted properly of beer, not like home-brew. It was certainly a beer that you could enjoy in front of the fire on these long, dark, cold winter nights.

We are living in a golden age of brewing. Southern Ireland has dozens of Craft Breweries now, which demonstrates that not everybody across the water wants to drink Guinness. And who knows, we may one day see Annadale Brewery beers on sale over here in the UK - stranger things happen at sea, or so they tell me.

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